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Wine Cellar Movers

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Daly Movers, Inc. understands the importance of your expertly curated wine collection, so we are well-versed in how to pack and transport your wine collection. Our movers:

  • Handle your wine bottles with care
  • Use boxes specifically designed for transporting wine bottles
  • Pack them tightly to ensure they will not shift or break during transport

Since 1979, our customers hire us to move their high-value items because we:

  • Always operate with high standards of quality assurance
  • Background check all our employees and movers
  • Have over 40 years of experience in moving
  • Belong to the California Moving & Storage Association and American Moving & Storage Association
  • Have an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau

All you need to do to get started is call Daly at (800) 395-6683 or fill out our free quote form today.

For many people, a wine cellar in their home is a valuable asset that can take years and a lot of money to curate. A bottle of wine is more than that – it can be a gift, a memory, or a token of celebration.

When it comes time to move, though, what happens to those many bottles that took years to collect? It would be sad to leave a great collection behind. Luckily, Daly Movers Inc. offers wine cellar moving services.

For over 40 years, our professional movers have utilized the proper equipment and have the expertise and resources to transport your wine collection without damage to your new home.

Professional Wine Cellar Relocation

Since 1979, we’ve learned what it takes to properly move a wine cellar with care and without incident.

Before getting started with moving your wine collection, you should document the condition of your collection. Taking photographs of your wine collection – the bottles, shelves, anything you plan to move – will determine the current condition of your possessions.

If you have an extensive collection, consider getting your wine appraised before moving. There are many professional wine appraisers serving California.

Once it is time to move, you can rest assured knowing Daly Movers has the expertise you need to ensure your wine is handled with care and transported safely. Our professional movers can help move wine cellars of any kind, large or small.

There are many variables to consider when it comes to moving a wine collection. Proper packing is incredibly important when handling high-value items, so we place a lot of emphasis on packing wine in boxes specifically designed for wine bottles.

Another factor is temperature – as wine enthusiasts know, wine is best kept at a temperature of 55 degrees. We ensure that your wine will not be exposed to extreme temperatures during transport.

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Daly Movers, Inc. are your trusted movers for your wine cellar relocation. We promise all our customers a smooth wine cellar moving experience. With our excellent standards of customer service, we will keep you in the know about the status of your wine cellar move from beginning to end.

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