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Warehousing and Delivery

Daly movers warehouseDaly Movers has been helping California businesses with their moving, storage and distribution needs for more than 40 years. We have experienced employees who are held to high customer-service standards and want to help make your warehousing and fulfillment experience as stress-free as possible.

Daly offers storage, warehousing and distribution services in Southern California. Our California warehouse center will assist with storage for your small or large businesses to focus on doing what it does best: selling quality products and providing services for your customers.

The amount of time you choose to use our warehouse is completely up to you: for a few weeks or a few years, we will meet your warehousing needs. Our 42,000-square-foot warehouse offers a space for you to store your items as part of your distribution needs. The amount of time you choose to use our warehouse is completely up to you: for a few weeks or a few years, we will meet your warehousing needs.

One of the toughest and most overlooked parts of warehousing is the loading and unloading processes. At Daly, we make sure to use the proper trucks and equipment to safely lift, lower and move items. Our professional movers can even deliver your items to you, so you don’t have to worry about the logistics of how or when you will receive your belongings.

California Delivery

In addition to our warehouse, Daly Movers, Inc. offers distribution services for our customers. Do you have household goods to ship? Or are you expecting a large delivery? We can help you with that.

If you have an incoming shipment shared with other customers, Daly employees will divide up the items and deliver them to the individual addresses. This saves you time and transportation costs.

Daly’s warehousing and delivery services include:

  • Delivery services: We can help get your large and small items from point A to B simply and securely.
  • Safe and secure storage: We are Department of Defense approved. All our employees have been background checked and are hired directly through Daly Movers — no contractors involved.
  • Labeling: The last thing we want to happen is for an item to get lost or damaged due to lack of organization.
  • Consolidation: Combining smaller inventory into one shipment to save on transportation costs.
  • Deconsolidation: Dividing incoming shipments into several smaller shipments in order to efficiently deliver items to multiple locations.
  • GSA and military moves: We are qualified to help with government moves and services.


Warehousing & Delivery Quotes

If you are searching for warehouse operations or storage facilities in California, connect with our team at Daly Movers, Inc. to create a plan to meet your needs. We are fully licensed and insured and ensure 24/7 security of our warehouse so you can rest easy knowing your shipment is in good hands. To learn more about our warehouse and delivery services, give us a call at (800) 395-6683 or fill out our free quote form.

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