Warehouse Storage

Safe, secure, and spotlessly clean storage and warehouse facilities to meet the needs of your family or business.

Operating a DOD (Department of Defense) approved warehouse facility; we offer both safe and secure short and long term storage. In addition to monitored fire and theft prevention systems, our facilities are strictly controlled against insect and rodents.


Safe and Secure Orange County Storage Methods

The same safe and secure storage methods are employed for general office goods. Trade show crates and industrial items too large for our wooden storage crates are stored in a special section of the warehouse reserved for this purpose. 

Secure in our facility, you can be assured that your belongings are as safe as if they were still in your home.

How Your Furniture is Stored
Furniture and boxes are stored in wooden crates specially designed for this purpose and furniture pads are generously used to safeguard your furniture. All soft furniture like couches and chairs are individually wrapped in paper pads and shrink wrap to prevent soiling. They are then stored “on their feet” on special “couch racks” to prevent any indentations to the cushions.

Office and Industrial Storage in Orange County

In addition we offer distribution services: fanning in and fanning out office and commercial goods that require a warehouse hub to maximize product distribution and consolidation.

With strict inventory control and on-hand product control systems, we keep product tracking and movement a simple affair.

Orange County Self Storage
Although we do not offer self storage to our customers, we work with many reputable vendors in this industry. In the spirit of good business, we will gladly refer you to one who can accommodate your desired location and needs.

If you are moving out of state with our company, we will locate a reputable facility as close as possible to your destination and coordinate the arrangements, giving you one less thing to worry about.