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Move Planning Guide-To Help You Move With Ease

It is National Move month and we at Daly Movers know that we’re coming into our busiest Orange County move season. If you know you are moving in the near future, chances are it will be during this busy move season. As your trusted Orange County moving company, Daly Movers would like to share some planning tips to help you prepare for your upcoming Orange County move.

There is much to organize before a household relocation. Daly Movers, your Orange County moving company, is pleased to offer our Move Planning Guide to get you started and keep you going with confidence and peace of mind. Read More Here. The Move Planning Guide breaks down your Orange County move process over the months and weeks leading up to your move- all the way up to your actual move day so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed with all the details all at once. You can rest knowing you thought of everything. Our plain and simple moving plan includes everything from how and when to contact your Orange County moving company, packing up, lightening your move load of unwanted items, changing your prescriptions and address and much much more.

Daly Movers is the Orange County moving company that cares about our Orange County move customers. Let us help take the stress out of your Orange County move. We will be there for you every step of the way and all the way to your new front door.

Moving Fraud Protection

Earlier this month, we shared the importance of choosing a ProMover when choosing your Orange County moving company. Daly Movers is a ProMover with the credentials that help you to know that you have found the Orange County moving company that will provide an honest stress-free move.

Another fabulous resource for ensuring that you are making the right choice and going with reputable movers is the Moving Fraud Protection Checklist provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.  We encourage our Orange County movers to visit the site to gather valuable information to assist you in your choice for an honest and professional Orange County moving company.

Reading up on customer testimonials is another way to research your Orange County moving company.  Daly Movers invites you to read what our customers have to say about our expert move service. You want to choose a mover that others would choose time and time again because they have proven their professional capabilities to them through actual experience.

As National Moving Month comes to a close, we at Daly Movers wish you all the best in making the right choice for your Orange County moving company. We would be happy to add you to our long list of satisfied customers.

Moving to College Time!

It is that time of year again! Millions of students all over the country are preparing for a new college year. Some of them will be leaving the nest for the first time to move into a dorm while others may be moving into their own independent off-campus housing. Both situations come with packing and moving needs.

Daly Movers knows full well the excitement and special needs our Orange County college students hold since we are a greater Orange County area moving company that has been helping families move their kids to college for years and years.

Whether your child is moving a short distance or far from home, we can help take the stress out of the move by providing you with a few ideas and resources.

1. Chances are if your student is moving into a dorm, you will not be taking anything large like furniture. Most dorms provide a bed, desk and small chest of drawers. You won’t have room for much else. You will need to pack things you need for school and a few items to make you feel at home. Daly Movers can help. We are the Orange County Moving Company that can provide Moving Supply Kits to ensure your student’s items are protected in transit. It is essential not to over-pack since chances are you will get there and find that the space just won’t hold it all. You may be driving your packed items yourself or need to ship them beforehand. Either way you won’t want to over-pack. Check out these links for ideas on what and what not to pack:

2. If your college student is moving into off-campus housing, the moving in needs can and will be very different. Some off-campus housing will rent furnished but others will not. Your student and his or her roommates might need to furnish and supply an entire apartment or house. Daly Movers Company is the Orange County Moving Company that can help with your student’s small move whether it is a local Orange County area move or a long distance move to another state.

3.  If your student is attending school in a new state, the logistics of moving their household items can be complex and costly, but Daly Movers can help simply the process. You might think about renting a truck to get their household items to school, and in some cases that might be the least expensive and convenient option, but in some cases it may actually be less expensive, safer, and save a lot of hassle, to use a professional moving service. Truck rental may seem like the cheaper option, and usually is best option locally, but when you factor in the gas, time, and one way rental fees on a long distance move full service may be affordable, with a lot less stress, and work. Give us a call today and Daly Movers will get you on your way.

Daly Movers is your Orange County Moving Company ready to provide resources and support to ease your stress as your college student readies for a new year away from home. We wish your son or daughter a successful and happy college year!

Thinking About Relocating?

People move for many reasons. They move to larger homes to accommodate a growing family. People move so their children can go to the best schools. They move to smaller homes when the family grows up. Some people move because of a job change. Some move when they retire. Others move when they get married. So many life circumstances can necessitate a move. And as many reasons as there are to move, there are countless reasons to investigate where you think you would like to go.

Gathering information about where you might plan to relocate is an important step in ensuring you will land in the best place for you and your family. Daly Movers are all about moving. We are dedicated to providing Orange County movers with support and resources for their Orange County relocation. We have created a short list of things Orange County movers might consider when looking for a new community.

  • Rural, Suburban, Urban? That’s the big question. Each type of area will be very different. Consider what is most important to you in terms of the type of community you want to live in.
  • School system-If you have children or plan to have children, then certainly this consideration would be high on your list. Check out
  • Convenience of shopping-For some knowing their favorite stores are right nearby is an important consideration.
  • Crime rate-there are plenty of resources on the internet to help you determine how safe a community is.
  • Cost of living-This varies from place to place all over the country. You will want to become familiar with what to expect in an area of interest.
  • Real-estate values-These too fluctuate greatly from place to place.
  • Life-style-What types of activities will you want to enjoy in your new location? You will want to investigate places where you can participate in your favorite hobbies, sports, arts, etc.
  • Dog friendly cities/towns-Check out dogfriendly.com for all sorts of dog friendly city information.

We know it is a lot for future Orange County movers to consider. Here are some great sites where you can get much of the information you will need to narrow down your considerations from above.

Neighborhood Scout

Research is the place to start and from there you will surely find your way home. Have fun with your search. These days a lot of mystery can be taken out of the relocation process when you can find so much on the web including photos and reviews and ratings on all kinds of things in communities. So good luck Orange County movers! Daly Movers helps take the stress out of your Orange County move.

Moving Fraud-It is real. Protect yourself

You have heard the stories about rogue movers and well, it has happened again. The Department of Transportation has shut down 5 more moving companies for fraud. Three of the companies are in Southern Florida, one in South Carolina and one in Maryland. Read more about this story here in the Miami Herald.

Daly Movers would like to remind Orange County movers to protect yourselves when choosing a Orange County moving company. A great place to start is this Moving Fraud Protection Checklist put out by the US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Their website Protectyourmove.gov has a wealth of information on how to ensure that you are choosing a reputable and honest Orange County moving company. On their site you can also run a search on a Orange County moving company and see if they have a complaint history. In addition, you can visit the American Moving and Storage Association and look for an AMSA certified Promover. These movers meet AMSA quality and service standards.

Moving can be stressful enough. Do not be taken advantage of by a rogue mover. Protect yourself and your belongings and do your research. Daly Movers is proud of our reputation and history. We have the credentials to prove it with customer testimonials right on our site, a Better Business Bureau Accreditation, plus an AMSA ProMover certification. We are the trusted Orange County moving company who will see your belongings safely home.

Don’t be an Orange County mover victim of fraud. Do your homework and let us know if we can assist you in any way. Your research will go a long way in ensuring your belongings go all the way home. Happy and Safe Moving!