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Move Service Discounts For Seniors

Moving can be expensive. You want to make sure that you are keeping your costs down as you go through the process. One of the ways we at Daly Movers suggest our Orange County moving customers can lower their move costs is by lightening the move load and donating and recycling as much as possible before move day. We featured many ideas and resources for donating and recycling in our April blogs in support of National Recycling Month.

There are other ways to save. Did you know that there are often move service discounts offered to special groups? As your affordable Orange County moving company, Daly Movers offers money saving discounts to Seniors who are moving long distance. These savings can really add up and get you where you need to be with your move budget.

Seniors 50+ Program
As a proud Arpin agent, Daly Movers is pleased to offer the Arpin 50+ Program for our Orange County movers over the age of 50 who are planning a long distance move. Services include:

  • Complimentary Mini Packing Container Kit-Upon request, we will provide you with a “mini” packing container kit at no charge to you. This kit consists of up to 12 various size packing boxes (not to include mattress boxes) plus a roll of tape.
  • Complimentary First Night Unpacking Service-We provide you with complimentary First Night unpacking at no cost to include: 3 containers of any size (except mattress cartons), 1 dresser mirror carton, and complete unpacking and set up of 2 beds of any size (excludes waterbeds and canopies).
  • Discounted Valuation Protection-Protecting your possessions is a critical part of your move and the chief responsibility of a respectable Orange County moving company. Our 50+ Program also provides a thirty percent (30%) discount off of our Full Replacement Value Protection Coverage (with zero deductible). This represents a considerable savings to our 50+ Program participants.

*Proof of age of one household member moving is required.

If you have any other questions about our 50+ Program or are ready to take advantage of it, simple contact us. We would love to hear from you.

We have other special discounts we look forward to telling our readers about. Check back next week for more ways to save. Daly Movers is the affordable Orange County moving company dedicated to providing you with expert move services to fit your budget.

AAA Member and Corporate Employee Move Discounts

Daly Movers is committed to providing affordable move rates for our Orange County movers. The last two weeks we shared information on special discounts for seniors and veterans for long distance moves. Here are two other possibilities for long distance move discounts.

AAA Member Moving Discounts and Services
Daly Movers are the Orange County movers that provide special rates and value-added moving services for members of the American Automobile Association (AAA). If you are a member of the AAA, ask us about our special discounts.
Corporate Employee Discounts
Daly Movers is an Arpin agent. Arpin is a nationally recognized moving service provider serving the corporate relocation needs of relocating employees from many of the nation’s largest employers and regionally-based companies. If you are an employee of an organization that has a relocation program with Arpin, you may be eligible for special savings on your Orange County move. Ask about our employee discounts and save!

You cannot afford not to contact Daly Movers as your Orange County movers. With special long distance move discounts for seniors, Veterans, AAA Members and participating Corporate Employees, you can’t beat the savings. Daly Movers is committed to delivering your affordable move!

Moving & National Simplify Your Life Week

The first week of August is recognized as National Simplify Your Life Week and if there is one thing we here at Daly Movers know about, it is how to simplify your Orange County Move!

Orange County Movers know that moving is no small task. When you look at the mountain of things to do, one can feel overwhelmed very quickly. This creates a stress level that impedes the simplicity of your move. Moving does not have to be so difficult. Daly Movers would like to offer some tips to simplify life for our Orange County Movers. Check out these moving tips that will simplify your life.

  • Start by hiring a trusted reputable local Orange County moving company-These days it is easy to find the right Orange County mover with the internet at your fingertips. You will want to hire an insured mover such as Daly Movers who is a Better Business Bureau accredited business and has the American Moving and Storage ProMover certification. You also want a Orange County Mover who will provide you with an on-site moving estimate in writing. We can do that too. Simple!
  • Follow a plan-Create a time line that includes everything you need to do all the way up to delivery day. When you can clearly see your move plan, it simplifies everything! Let our Move Planner simplify your move process. Read Here. Simple!
  • Create an inventory of all the items you will be moving- It helps you keep track of what you are moving to ensure that everything you intended arrives safely.
  • Have all the right packing materials at your fingertips. That way you’ll have everything you need to protect your belongings. Or! Simplify even further and hire Daly Movers to help with all of your packing. Simple!
  • Create a moving file-This will serve as the one place you place all your move paperwork. Everything from your estimates to your receipts, your move plan, and your inventory can be placed neatly into one file folder. You will know exactly where everything is. Simple!

At Daly Movers, we are all about Simple. Let National Simplify Your Life Week be a reminder to our Orange County Movers that moving can be simple. We are here at Daly Movers to help pave the way to your new home. Simple!

Moving to a New School

It’s that time of year again! Students all over the country have already started their back to school shopping. Whether with excitement or dread, they are going back. Students returning to the same school pretty much know what to expect but starting a new school equals a big bunch of unknowns.

Are you an Orange County mover with children getting ready to move or just settling in? Will your children be starting a new school? Daly Movers know from many years working with our Orange County Move customers that this can create feelings of uncertainty and a bit of dread. Settling into a new home and neighborhood is a huge adjustment, but add the adjustment to a new school on top of that and that is a lot of change for a child. However, it can be a very positive experience and one we would like to help you with.

Daly Movers is happy to provide tips and resources for our Orange County Movers to help their kids adjust to a new school.

  • Make a memory scrapbook. Before your child begins the new school, make a scrapbook together including photos of the old school, teachers, friends, school artwork, projects and programs from music and sporting events. This is a wonderful way to introduce yourself to new teachers and friends when you arrive at your new school. They will see that you were a happy member of a school community and help to create a bond and connection into the new school. Your child will feel proud to have something to share about where he or she comes from. Sharing the scrapbook will give kids in the new school a way to get to know your child better taking some mystery out of the newcomer.
  • Contact the school. You will need to register your child but also ask what programs they might have to help your child feel at home there. Many schools have student guides and mentors that were chosen by their teachers and counselors specifically for their welcoming friendly nature to guide and assist your child in getting around and for making introductions to new classmates. Your school will most likely have visiting days and or events for new students.
  • Reach out to the new teacher. Perhaps you will have the opportunity to meet with the teacher before your student begins school so they can get to know one another. If not, look into the possibility of a phone call and/or emailing. This will help your child feel more comfortable entering a new classroom for the first time.
  • Get to know your neighbors. As you are moving in and settling in, you might have an opportunity to meet some of your neighbors. Your neighbors might have school students themselves or will most likely know if there are children in the neighborhood that attend the same school. This might be an opportunity to meet new schoolmates outside of school.
  • Extracurricular activities. It is a good idea for Orange County Movers to look into your new area ahead of time and see if your child’s favorite extracurricular activities are offered by the school or in the community. If your child participates in a sport, music, scouts etc., they will be at ease to know that they will have an immediate common connection with other students who participate in the same activity. If you move during summer, your child may even be able to become involved with their favorite sport or activity before school even starts, helping him or her to make new friends.
  • Once your child begins forming new connections, give him or her the opportunity to communicate back to their old school friends through sharing photos and stories of their new school experience. It will reinforce their new connections and help them feel proud of their new school.

We found more great tips for Orange County Movers with students in the following articles:

“So, You’re the New Kid on the Block”: How to address the pressure and adjustment of moving and beginning a new school.

Moving With Teens

Yes, there will be unknowns but this can be an exciting and hopeful time too. Daly Movers would like our Orange County Movers to know we understand. We are here to take the stress out of your move. Happy Housewarming to our Orange County Movers and good luck to your children in their new schools!

Back to School Safety

For the last couple of weeks, Daly Movers has been sharing our resources and ideas for college students moving away to school and younger students starting a new school after a move. In keeping with the back to school theme of August, we would like to bring up the topic of back to school safety.

Back to School Safety is important for all children and their families but if you are recent Orange County movers and your child will be starting a new school, you will want to focus in on this more than usual as you get used to your new community. Just as you would develop safety plans and precautions in your new home, you want to have an understanding of safety procedures in and around the school.

Daly Movers is always on the lookout for information to share that could be useful to Orange County movers looking for ways to prepare to move or settle in after a move. We found some great information to share with you regarding back to school safety. Take a look at these great school safety resources.

1. The National Safety Council provides a Back to School Safety page on their site that provides links to areas dedicated to all matters involving school safety including school transportation safety and school safety. They even have a Back to School Safety Checklist so you as the parent of a child starting a new school can look over the list together and be prepared.

2. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide a Safe Youth. Safe Schools page on their site that includes a long list of resources and articles that cover a multitude of youth safety topics. We found it to be a great page for Orange County movers concerned about keeping their children safe in and around a new school environment.

3. College Students also have safety procedures and practices to consider. We found a resource for them too. Protection1 Campus Safety Matters is an entire website dedicated to Campus safety. On their Campus Safety Tips page you can find a list of fabulous articles covering all topics having to do with college safety. Be sure to link this one to your son or daughter so that they have it to refer to again and again as they protect themselves at school.

Of course the best resources you have about your particular school can be found at your new school. We suggest you give the school a call to discuss that school’s specific safety practices and programs.

August is always an exciting buzzy time of back to school preparations for families. Daly Movers is always on the lookout for tips and tools to help Orange County movers prepare for a move and settle into their new homes. We hope you enjoyed our post on Back to School Safety and the resources we found for you. We wish you and your students a fabulous new school year!