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Orange County Moving Company Ready to Work for You

The winter months are a great time to turn inward and organize; thoughts, ideas, rooms, spaces etc. Our lives change and evolve and sometimes the right moment comes up urging us to make changes in our homes as well to reflect a new chapter. Perhaps your kids have gone off to college. Perhaps you are taking on a home business and want to set up an office space. Another possibility is to prepare space for a new hobby. There are many reasons that we would want to rearrange the interior space of our homes. What have you been dreaming about? Are there areas of your home ready for a change?

Sometimes these changes require muscles, equipment and hours you just don’t have. Daly Movers would like you to know that we are an Orange County Moving Company ready to assist you with your home rearranging projects. We can ensure your safety by handling your heavy objects for you, including safely and carefully moving your furniture to a new location. Let us do all the work.

Sometimes people choose to store furniture and boxed up items they are not using in the garage, basement, attic etc. We not only can move it for you, but we can offer specialized wrapping of your pieces to protect your upholstery and wood from the harsher environments and possible pests often found in the storage areas of a home. Of course as a trusted Orange County Moving Company, we can also help you de-clutter your space by providing off-site storage for your things, short or long term, in our clean, dry and secure storage facility.

Let Daly Movers assist you in realizing a dream for a new space in your current home. Whether you need heavy things moved, stored or hauled away all together, we are ready to help. We are your Orange County Moving Company and we move things! That is our job. We leave the fun part of dreaming up to you.

Volunteer Opportunities for Recent Orange County Movers

National Volunteer Week is coming right up. This year it falls on April 6-13, 2014. Daly Movers is happy to take this timely opportunity to encourage our recent Orange County movers to deepen their connection to their new communities through volunteering.

We have been in the Orange County moving business for over 30 years. We know the importance of understanding the needs of the community that we live and work in. Reaching out to volunteer rewards us with pride for our community while strengthening our roots in the community.

We have offered articles in the past sharing ideas for feeling at home once you move to a new place. We would like to honor National Volunteer Week by encouraging our recent Orange County movers to consider reaching out by lending a hand in their new community. Through volunteering you will make wonderful connections with new friends. You will learn more about your community and the needs there. There is probably no better way to feel at home in a new place then to begin to invest your time, energy and heart into that place.

You may already have a favorite organization that you volunteer for. If so, a great place to start would be to look into whether that organization has a branch or presence in your community. Religious affiliations are another way to find connections to volunteer opportunities. Also, local hospitals, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, animal shelters and schools might be places to start your search, but there are many organizations out there waiting to be found.

We found a fabulous resource on-line for connecting with volunteer opportunities. At http://www.volunteermatch.org/ you can search based on what you care about and the city you live in, and they will match you up with a non-profit organization that could use your help.

Just another simple and meaningful way for Orange County movers to plant roots and feel at home in their new communities. Daly Movers wishes you happiness wherever you move.

Daly Movers Provide Happy Ending to Moving Nightmare

A couple moving from Florida were scammed by imposter movers who were supposed to move their items to Everett, Washington. Those thieves took their money and never delivered. A Florida detective was able to locate their belongings in Florida, but the couple could not afford to transport them to Washington after spending all they had on the scam move.

Chip Martin, President of Daly Movers in Garden Grove, CA caught the story on the news and reached out to help them offering to move their belongings to Everett for one dollar.

Catch the story here from K5 news in Seattle.

Daly Movers restored the couple’s faith in moving companies and delivered their belongings where they belonged-with their owners. A happy ending to a moving nightmare.

The Busiest Orange County Move Season is Heating Up!

Yes! Summer has arrived and so has our busiest Orange County move season of the year. Are you ready to go? We are! Daly Movers is standing by with our experienced staff and crew to ensure that your move is a smooth one.

As you get closer to your move day, things start to happen fast. We want you to be fully prepared for your Orange County move. It can be a challenge to keep organized and stay on top of all your moving tasks when you probably already have a busy schedule. This can be even more challenging if you have never moved before. There are so many things to think about. Fortunately we have decades of moving experience and are ready to lend a hand.

Daly Movers can help by providing you with this Moving Planner-Read Here. Whether you are months, weeks or days away from your move, you can look to this planner to help you remember and organize your move. We appreciate all that you have to do. Moving is a huge undertaking and considered one of the most stressful life changes. Use this planner to ease your stress. As you check things off, you will feel accomplished and ready for loading day.

If you are packing yourself, Daly Movers can also help with packing supplies. We have a wide array of moving boxes and supplies, as well as pre-packaged moving kits. All supplies are of the same quality used by professional movers and affordably priced. And of course, if you need help packing, we can help you with full service professional packing.

The heat is on but you can keep cool during your Orange County move process with an organized plan and of course an ice-cream! Good Luck!