Pack & Ship

Daly’s ‘Pack & Ship’ Service: For When It’s Too Small for a Van Line But Too Big for UPS!

If your shipment is too large for companies like UPS and too small for the traditional mover, Daly Movers offers small shipment services via its sister company, Pack & Ship.

Pack & Ship can usually ship your items at actual weight; offer guaranteed pickup and delivery dates, scheduled at your convenience; and ship in half the time. This results in your small shipments being less expensive, more convenient and faster.

Better Handling, Packing and Shipping Expertise

Pack & Ship originated from Daly Movers, a traditional mover with 30 years experience in the moving industry. Pack & Ship has the handling, packing and shipping expertise not commonly found in many of the other “small shipment” companies, especially those who also rent mailboxes and provide fax and copy services.

Expert Packing & Crating Services

Pack & Ship also provides expert packing and crating services. Proper preparation of your shipment is very important, and at Pack & Ship, we custom fabricate special boxes and crates, depending upon the customer’s needs, to ensure that the shipment arrives in the same condition as when it was picked up.

To learn how Daly can meet your needs, please call 800-395-MOVE for immediate support or fill out the form for a free quote.