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Orange County CA Moving Costs [2024] | 🚚💰 How Much Do Movers Cost in Orange County? [Tips, Data, Estimates]

Getting ready to relocate within Orange County? One of the first questions you may have as you prepare for moving day is this: How much do movers cost in Orange County?

This guide to the cost of moving locally in Orange County covers everything you need to know to estimate your moving budget and reduce your moving costs without sacrificing quality and dependability. Be aware that this information is focused on local moves only, or relocations within 50-100 miles of your origin. Long-distance moves are priced differently!

Factors That Affect the Cost to Hire Movers in Orange County CA

Your professional mover cost is based on a variety of factors, some of which are in your control. Remember that local movers typically charge an hourly rate. As a general guideline, the longer it takes to complete your move, the higher the cost of professional movers. That means anything you can do to speed up the move, such as downsizing, packing, or even moving what you can to the first floor of your home can lower your cost.

Here are the primary factors that affect your professional movers cost in Orange County to help you save money on your upcoming relocation.

Moving Distance

When you request Orange County moving quotes, the total distance between your origin and destination is one of the first questions you’ll need to answer. The moving company will verify that the distance is within their definition of a local move with an hourly rate. You can expect to pay the quoted mover rate during transit to your new home.

Moving Dates

You may be surprised to learn that your moving date can play an important role in setting rates for movers. Some Orange County moving companies charge the same rates regardless of the day, but many have higher rates during times with peak demand.

If you have some flexibility on your moving day, you can find more affordable movers in Orange County (and better availability!) during the following times:

  • Off-peak moving season is October to March. About 80% of moves happen between April and September and these months tend to have higher rates.
  • Weekdays may have lower mover rates than weekends.
  • Moving during the middle of the month can save you money. The very beginning and end of the month are often the busiest days due to leases ending.

Type & Volume of Household Goods

The most obvious factor impacting the cost of Orange County movers is the amount of belongings you need moved. You’ll pay an hourly rate for a crew of movers to pack, disassemble, prep, load and unload everything. This may involve trips up and down stairs, down the driveway, or all the way to a loading dock.

Some types of belongings take longer to move than others too. Fragile, oversized, and very heavy items may need more movers, more prep work, or more careful moving which adds to your total moving cost.

Don’t forget to consider furniture that needs to be disassembled and assembled. You’ll pay the hourly mover rate for the crew to remove and wrap legs, secure doors, disconnect appliances, and take apart and wrap sectionals.

Accessibility & Loading

An overlooked but important aspect of moving day that affects you the cost of Orange County hourly movers is the overall accessibility of your home and how long it takes to go back and forth to the moving truck.

Think about how much time it takes to carry boxes, push a hand cart, or carry a sofa from your home all the way to where the truck must park then walk back. This can easily account for most of the time movers spend loading!

If the moving truck can be parked very close to your home, your moving cost will be much lower than if the truck most park on the street or at the end of a long driveway. Stairs and elevators can also increase the time it takes to move, especially if you’re moving an apartment or condo.

Stairs are faster than elevators but more tiring. How close is your unit to the stairs? How fast is the elevator? Is there a service elevator nearby that can be booked? Do the movers need to use a loading dock?

These are some of the questions you should ask to estimate moving costs.

Orange County movers cost

Packing Costs

Are you planning to do your own packing, leave it all to the movers, or something in between? Orange County moving services are usually performed at the same hourly moving rate.

Depending on the size of your home, packing may or may not be done the same day as the move. If you have a large home and want full service movers to handle all the packing, they may perform packing services the day before.

You can customize Orange County packing services to stay within budget. Movers can perform all the packing, just pack certain items or tricky rooms, and/or do the unpacking in your new home. Partial packing services are a good compromise to get moving help where you need it while saving money by handling the easy stuff yourself.

Remember that the average cost of hiring movers for packing doesn’t include packing supplies. You can provide these yourself or request that the moving company bring supplies. This will be a flat rate added to your moving cost. The good news is Orange County moving companies can provide high-quality boxes and other supplies at lower prices than you find at big box retailers.

Specialty Items & Services

The average cost to hire a moving company in Orange County doesn’t include specialty items or services. Depending on the company, there may be an additional fee for certain items or services, or you may just need to account for more time for some items.

Items that require additional OC movers, specialized equipment, or special supplies may include pianos, pool tables, antiques, large glass items, and safes.

Moving Permits & Miscellaneous Moving Costs

The cost of moving locally in Orange County can include miscellaneous costs beyond the movers. You may need to pay for a moving permit or meter bag. For instance, in Laguna Beach, renting a meter bag costs $25 per day. Make sure you check parking ordinances in your neighborhood and whether a temporary parking permit or meter bag is necessary.

Average Cost of Movers in Orange County CA | Orange County Moving Estimates

When you hire a mover in Orange County, you will get a quote for an hourly mover rate based on a certain number of movers. With most moving companies, a crew of two movers is standard, but you can request additional movers for a higher hourly rate. The moving company can help you determine the right size crew for your move that’s as efficient as possible.

How much does a mover cost per hour? The average mover cost per hour is $50 to $150 for a two-person crew, but this may be higher or lower depending on your moving date, type of move, and other factors. There may be a minimum number of hours for local movers such as two or four hours. You should also expect some flat-rate costs like packing supplies.

You can estimate your cost of professional moving based on the size of your home and average move times below.

How Much Does it Cost to Move a 1 Bedroom Apartment in Orange County?

The average cost of local movers for an apartment move is easy to estimate. A studio or one-bedroom apartment usually requires a standard team of two movers and 3 to 6 hours. The standard rate you are quoted can be multiplied by 3 to 6 to estimate your cost.

Cost to Move a 2 Bedroom Apartment

A two-bedroom apartment usually requires the same 3 to 6 hours with a larger team of three movers. The hourly rate is a bit higher, but your move takes the same amount of time as a one-bedroom apartment.

Cost to Move a Home in Orange County

A small home usually takes 4 to 7 hours with a moving crew of 3 or 4 people. A larger three- or four-bedroom house requires 10 or more hours with an even larger team.

Orange County Movers Rates

Tips to Make Your Orange County Relocation More Affordable

Save money on Orange County moving costs with these tips.

  • Choose a moving day on a weekday, in the middle of the month, and/or during the off-season if possible.
  • Handle some of the packing if you can and leave the special or fragile items to professional movers.
  • Take care of as much prep as you can such as disconnecting appliances, organizing belongings, and disassembling furniture.
  • If you’re up for it, moving items or boxes to the first floor makes the move faster and saves money.
  • Be on hand and ready to give movers directions, point out what needs packing, and where belongings will go.
  • Downsize weeks ahead of your move. Donate, sell, or discard items you do not want to pay to move.

How to Choose an Orange County Moving Company

When comparing moving companies in Orange County, remember that the lowest rate isn’t necessarily the best – or even the cheapest! Look for affordable hourly movers with the proven track record, experience, and professionalism you need to avoid damaged belongings, hidden costs, and delays.

We recommend looking for the following:

  • Licensed and insured to protect you if anything happens
  • Background checked, trained, and uniformed teams of movers
  • Low claims rate
  • Years of experience with positive reviews from past customers
  • A dedicated fleet of well-maintained trucks with the right equipment for the job
  • Competitive mover rates without a high upfront deposit, hidden fees, or confusing contracts

With more than 40 years of experience, Daly Movers Inc. has a well-earned reputation as the best Orange County mover. We’re an agent for Wheaton World Wide Moving and active in the community as a supporter of Move for Hunger, Museums on the Move, and Habitat for Humanity of Orange County. Our award-winning OC movers are committed to upholding our pledge to keep our customers’ best interests in mind at every stage with competitive rates and tailored moving services.

Additional Orange County Moving Tips

  • How much should you tip movers in Orange County, CA? As a general guideline, 18-20% of the total moving cost to split among the crew or $25 per mover.
  • Set up or transfer utilities ahead of your move. Start the process about 1-2 weeks ahead and schedule electricity and water to be turned on the day before move-in.
  • Download our Ultimate Orange County Moving Checklist to stay on top of your move.

Ready to get started with a stress-free and easy moving experience? Give us a call at Daly Movers Inc. for a free Orange County moving quote from our team of experienced movers. We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

Chip Martin
Chip Martin
BA in philosophy, Long Beach State 1974, various trades after college including cabinet maker and boat refinisher, then became a local moving driver in 1976, bought Daly Movers in 1979, managed company, and drove local and long distance until 1995 when I transitioned into sales/office full time. Almost fifty years later Daly Movers and I have sold, worked, and familiarized ourselves with virtually every type of household and O&I relocation.

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