Museum Moves

Due to our experience, reputation, and award-winning service, Daly has proudly been selected as the moving company for numerous Southern California museums.

Daly has moved many priceless sculptures, status, art collects and more. We take great pride in packing each precious piece for maximum protection during the transportation, carefully moving each piece, and ultimately painstakingly installing each artifact in its new destination.

Daly Movers recently helped install the Mummies of the World Exhibit at Bowers Museum.

Daly Workers unload mummies at Bowers Museum in Santa Ana

Workers unload mummies at Bowers Museum in Santa Ana on Thursday.
The Mummies of the World exhibit features more than 140 real human and animal mummies. the collection includes a modern mummy known and MUMAB, who was preserved in 1994 using the same methods as ancient Egyptians
Thursday, March 10, 2016 (3/10/16), Time: 10:33:59 AM, Location: Santa Ana, California – Mummies of the World – JEFF GRITCHEN, STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

Daly takes the same service-oriented approach that seamlessly moves these priceless artworks and artifacts to move your home or office possessions.

To learn how Daly can meet your needs, please call 800-395-MOVE.