Best Cities Near Anaheim & Disneyland
Chip Martin
Chip Martin
December 5, 2023

Best Cities Near Anaheim 🗺️ | Explore Top Anaheim Suburbs & Cities Near Disneyland

Are you moving to Anaheim or the Anaheim area? Maybe you’re visiting Disneyland and are looking for some other adventures or cities to explore. Over 80 towns, CDPs, and cities near Anaheim CA. Anaheim is a great place to live and visit and is famous for being close to Disneyland, but if you’re looking for cities near Anaheim California, here is a complete guide to all the cities within a 30-mile radius of Anaheim, CA!

Largest Cities Near Anaheim

There are many large cities near Anaheim CA. You will find most of them boast a great ambiance and plenty of attractions! Here are some of the largest cities near Disneyland and Anaheim, with a population of at least 50,000.

Huntington Beach — 21.1 miles from Anaheim

  • Population: 198,711
  • County: Orange County

If you’re looking for a city near Disneyland, Hunting Beach is the city near Anaheim for you! You can experience the magic of living near one of the world's most famous amusement parks without dealing with the traffic and congestion it causes in its host city. You’re less than 10 miles from Santa Ana Airport, which is ideal for frequent flyers, and Los Angeles (and its impressive economy) isn’t too far away!

Huntington Beach, California, is known for miles of beautiful beaches, ideal climate, and optimal surfing. The outdoor enthusiasts of Huntington Beach find themselves at Huntington State Beach, whereas others may appreciate the history discovered at Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum. Whether you’re a history buff, pro-surfer, young professional, or family, Hunting Beach is a great place to live! Although Huntington Beach has a high cost of living, you’ll likely find it’s worth every penny.

Long Beach — 25.5 miles from Anaheim

Population: 466,742

County: Orange County

Long Beach is the largest city near Anaheim, with an impressive population of nearly 500,000! Another coastal option is Long Beach, a city west of Anaheim! Long Beach is best known for its fine dining, prominent shopping district, and plenty of beaches and marinas to explore. Not only is Long Beach one of the largest cities close to Anaheim California, but it’s actually the 42-most populous city in the US and seventh-most populous in California.

People adore Anaheim, and for good reason! Not only do you experience sea-side living, but you’re also only miles from Los Angeles! Young adults and college students appreciate the short commute to Los Angeles and families like that Long Beach, CA, is less than 30 miles from Disney Land! More popular attractions in Long Beach are the Aquarium of the Pacific and El Dorado Nature Center. You have convenient access to California SR 1 and Interstate 710.

Fullerton — 2.7 miles from Anaheim

Population: 143,617

County: Orange County

Fullerton is located directly north of Anaheim and is less than three miles from the city's heart—this is the closest city to Anaheim CA, with a population of over 50,000. Fullerton is a great option if you want to be near the great city of Anaheim but can’t find your dream home or neighborhood in the city limits. Fullerton is unique and displays various residential, business, educational, and cultural environments.

You will find an optimal school system, diverse racial and ethnic makeup, and a strong economy here. People love living in Fullerton for countless reasons, and while being close to Anaheim and its amenities is a major pro, the city boasts its own attractive attributes! For example, Fullerton has family-friendly attractions of its own—the Fullerton Arboretum and Laguna Lake Park are two beloved Fullerton attractions!

Orange — 6.9 miles from Anaheim

  • Population: 139,911
  • County: Orange County

Orange, California, is one of the largest cities close to Disneyland, and its motto is “A Slice of Old Towne Charm,” after seeing what we have to say, we’re sure you’ll find this city near Anaheim just as charming as we do! Orange, California, is located only 6.9 miles from Anaheim and is known for hosting the annual Orange International Street Fair; thousands of people celebrate varying cultures through food, dancing, and entertainment during this notable festival! This event is just one of the reasons living in Orange is so great.

According to Orange’s economic website, the city has six areas, each with unique business opportunities. Its health corridor boasts the largest concentration of medical facilities in its county. You will find the city’s industrial area north of Walnut Avenue and south of Fletcher Avenue; US industry leaders (like MS International) have corporate headquarters and warehouses in Orange County. Other areas are Old Towne Orange, Tustin Street, Uptown Orange, and West Katella Promenade. Orange, California, boasts a strong economy, making it one of the best cities close to Anaheim.

Garden Grove — 5.9 miles from Anaheim

  • Population: 171,949
  • County: Orange County

South of Anaheim lives Garden Grove, one of the most notable Anaheim suburbs; it’s best known for its famous Strawberry Festival. This festival is the second-largest community event in the Western U.S., next to the Rose Parade. While young families flock to Garden Grove (49% of its residents are under 40), the city still boasts a vibrant downtown area and nightlife. Garden Grove was awarded the 020 APA-CA Awards of Excellence for its recent downtown development. Garden Grove boasts various attractions like the Atlantis Play Center and the Haster Basin Recreational Park. Garden Grove is great; it’s a vibrant city close to Anaheim, but it has its own benefits to add to its allure.

Santa Ana — 8.5 miles from Anaheim

  • Population: 310,227
  • County: Orange County

Santa Ana is the largest city near Anaheim, less than 10 miles away. Santa Ana (or “The Golden City”) is also one of the largest cities around Disneyland! Some consider Santa Ana the capital of Orange County, and for good reason. There is plenty to do (like Santa Ana Zoo and Bowers Museum,) and the city is located in the heart of Orange County! You should also note that Santa Ana is one of the a safe cities near Anaheim, CA, and Orange County!

Norwalk — 12.1 miles from Anaheim

  • Population: 102,773
  • County: Orange County

Norwalk is a notable Orange County suburb and is located northwest of Anaheim and 11 miles from Disneyland. Norwalk is the 14th-most populous city in Orange County and is another large city near Anaheim. Norwalk is famous for its history in logging, dairying, and ranching and hosts some of the largest sugar beet farms in southern California.

Irvine — 16.3 miles from Anaheim

  • Population: 307,670
  • County: Orange County

Irvine is a master-planned city in Anaheim, California, and is known for its various attractions, like the Irvine Spectrum Center and the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary. Irvine, CA, is located 16.3 miles from Anaheim and has a population of  307,670; this city has seen a 2% population increase since 2010. Irvine is beloved by many for countless reasons, mostly for its proximity to notable cities (like LA and Anaheim) but also because it offers a strong economy. There are more than 17,000 businesses in the city limits, offering nearly 300,000 jobs!

Other Cities in Anaheim

Young people are flocking to Aliso Viejo as it's known for being one of the safest places to live in California! Laguna Nigel is most famous for its ideal weather and wide-open spaces. Whether you’re a family researching the best Orange County suburbs or a professional seeking a city close to Anaheim with a strong economy, there are plenty to choose from.

You’ll find highly-rated schools and more affordable living in the cities around Anaheim. Anaheim is 53.9% more expensive than the average US city, whereas Garden Grove is only 50.3% more expensive.

There are 39 cities and towns near Anaheim with a population between 50,000 and 170,000 that are within a 30-mile radius. Here are some other places near Anaheim you can visit or move to.

City County Population Distance from Anaheim
Downey Los Angeles County 114,355 16.3 mi
Pomona Los Angeles County 151,713 21.9 mi
Westminster Orange County 90,911 9.8 mi
Mission Viejo  Orange County 93,653 24.6 mi
Lake Forest Orange County 85,858 22.1 mi
Aliso Viejo Orange County 52,176 26.1 mi
Eastvale River County 69,757 27.2 mi
Chino San Bernardino County 91,403 25 mi
Chino Hills San Bernardino County 78,411 19.7 mi
Whittier Los Angeles County 87,306 15.4 mi
Tustin Orange County 80,276 10.8 mi
Fountain Valley Orange County 57,047 15.2 mi
Cypress Orange County 50,151 11 mi
Buena Park Orange County 84,034 6.3 mi
Bellflower Orange County 79,190 13.9 mi
Paramount Orange County 53,733 16.3 mi
Lakewood Orange County 82,496 15.4 mi
La Habra Orange County 63,097 7.8 mi
Placentia Orange County 51,824 4.6 mi
Yorba Linda Orange County 68,336 8.4 mi
Rowland Heights Los Angeles County 48,231 16.2 mi
Diamond Bar Los Angeles County 55,072 16.8 mi
Hacienda Heights Los Angeles County 54,191 21.7 mi
El Monte Los Angeles County 109,450 26.3 mi
Baldwin Park Los Angeles County 72,176 27.6 mi
Covina Los Angeles County 51,268 25.7 mi
Costa Mesa Orange County 111,918 16.9 mi
Corona Riverside 157,136 22.6 mi
Carson Los Angeles County 95,558 26.3 mi
Compton Los Angeles County 95,740 20.6 mi
South Gate Los Angeles County 92,726 25.2 mi
Huntington Park Los Angeles County 54,883 23 mi
Gardena Los Angeles County 61,027 25.2 mi
Hawthorne Los Angeles County 88,083 29.9 mi
Montebello Los Angeles County 62,640 21.6 mi
Monterey Park Los Angeles County 61,096 26.7 mi
Laguna Nigel Orange County 64,355 30 mi

Map of Cities Near Anaheim and Surrounding Area

Small Cities & Towns Near Anaheim

You’ll find over two dozen small cities and quant towns near Anaheim CA. Most are incorporated cities, but some are towns and CDPs; towns and CDPs are in bold. Here are cities around Anaheim with a population between 5,000 and 50,000 that are less than 30 miles from Anaheim.

City County Population Distance from Anaheim
Walnut  Los Angeles County 24,430 15.7 mi
South San Jose Hills Los Angeles County 19,855 15.2 mi
Valinda  Los Angeles County 22,243 22 mi
West Puente Valley Los Angeles County 22,959 26.7 mi
Cerritos Orange County 49,578 9.7 mi
Temple City Los Angeles County 24,494 29.6 mi
La Mirada Orange County 48,008 11.3 mi
Seal Beach Orange County 25,242 17.4 mi
Brea Orange County 47,325 6.1 mi
Alhambra Los Angelos County 20,271 28.3 mi
Midway City Orange County 8,825 15.4 mi
Santa Fe Springs Orange County 19,219 15.2 mi
South Pasadena Los Angeles County 26,943 28.2 mi
La Palma Orange County 15,581 9.9 mi
Hawaiian Gardens Orange County 14,149 11.8 mi
Artesia Orange County 16,395 11.2 mi
Los Alamitos Orange County 11,780 17.8 mi
Rossmoor Orange County 10,625 19.2 mi
Stanton Orange County 37,962 15.2 mi
Villa Park Orange County 5,843 6.4 mi
Norco Riverside County 26,316 25.8 mi
Laguna Woods Orange County 17,644 22.4 mi
Valinda Los Angeles County 22,822 18.4 mi
La Verna Los Angeles County 31,334 23.4 mi
Malibu Los Angeles County 10,429 28.7 mi

Major Cities Near Anaheim

If you’re looking for places to visit or explore, here are a few major cities around Anaheim. Many are within driving distance, making for a great weekend getaway or day trip!

City Population Distance from Anaheim
Sacramento, CA 525,041 410 mi
San Francisco, CA 815,201 408 mi
Oakland, CA 440,646 396 mi
San Jose, CA 983,489 365 mi
Fresno, CA 544,510 244 mi
Bakersfield, CA 403,455 138 mi
Santa Barbara, CA 88,665 121 mi
San Diego, CA 1.382 million 96.6 mi
Palm Springs, CA 44,575 89.7 mi
San Bernardino, CA 222,203 47.5 mi
Santa Monica, CA 93,076 40 mi
Santa Clarita, CA 224,593 33.1 mi
Riverside, CA 317,261 36.5 mi
Los Angeles, CA 3.849 million 26.5 mi

Anaheim Area Cities FAQs

What Are the Closest Cities to Anaheim?

Fullerton is the closest city to Anaheim CA (2.7 miles.) The second closest cities to Anaheim are Orange (7.3 miles) and Garden Grove (5.9 miles).

What’s the Closest City to Disneyland?

Disneyland is 2.4 miles from Anaheim, making Anaheim the closest city to Disneyland!

How Far Apart Are Anaheim and LA?

Los Angeles and Anaheim are 26.4 miles apart, or about a 30-minute drive.

What Are the Cities in Anaheim?

There are no cities in Anaheim, but hundreds of great towns, cities, and CDPs surround it!

Does Anaheim Belong to Los Angeles

Anaheim is part of the Great Los Angeles Area but is its own city.


There are so many beautiful Anaheim cities to explore, and with this list, you have just the tool to help narrow your search! One of the pros of relocating to one of these cities near Disneyland is that you’re near so many notable towns and cities. You’ll never grow bored or weary of your new home! If you’re ready to relocate, you’ll need movers near Anaheim to help lessen your load! Call Daly Movers at (714) 538-2831 for a free moving estimate. 

Chip Martin
Chip Martin
BA in philosophy, Long Beach State 1974, various trades after college including cabinet maker and boat refinisher, then became a local moving driver in 1976, bought Daly Movers in 1979, managed company, and drove local and long distance until 1995 when I transitioned into sales/office full time. Almost fifty years later Daly Movers and I have sold, worked, and familiarized ourselves with virtually every type of household and O&I relocation.

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