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The Joys of Living In Brea CA 🌴 | Why Moving to Brea California is a Top Choice!

Brea is a city that shines as bright as the California sun, where suburban comfort is met with artistic spirit in a hard-to-beat location. Incorporated in 1917 and established as a hub for crude oil production and later citrus, Brea, which means "tar" in Spanish, has evolved into a cultural center rich with public art and a connected, creative community. If you're wondering, "Is Brea a good place to live?" the answer, a resounding yes, lies in its bustling streets, peaceful neighborhoods, and the sense of belonging that permeates this tight-knit community.

Those contemplating moving to Brea CA will find a locale that consistently ranks high on lists of the best places to live. The City of Brea is known for its inviting climate, the dynamic Downtown Brea CA, and modern amenities like sensational restaurants and excellent shopping that make a living in Brea CA truly invigorating.

Where Is Brea California?

You might have friends living in Huntington Beach or another Southern California hot spot, but where is Brea CA located, and what county is Brea CA in? The city of Brea is a jewel situated in the foothills of Orange County, celebrated not just for its artistic community but for its prime geographical setting within the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area.

When it comes to accessibility, directions to Brea California are as smooth as the city's well-paved streets, thanks to its proximity to major thoroughfares like State Route 57. Positioned just about 30 miles southeast of Los Angeles, the journey from Brea CA to Los Angeles CA offers a reasonable commute to the major city.

For those exploring further, Carlsbad to Brea CA stretches approximately 65 miles, while Brea CA to Anaheim CA is a short 9-mile drive south, emphasizing the city's convenient access to some of the region's most sought-after attractions. Brea is home to and close to many parks, located just outside the expansive Chino Hills State Park!

Brea CA Population & Demographics

What is the population of Brea CA? It's 47,325 residents, as recorded in the 2020 Census. This marked a significant growth from the 2010 Brea California population of 39,282, proving that living in Brea CA is increasing in popularity. Compared to the sprawling Orange County as a whole, home to 3,186,989 residents, Brea stands out with its unique charm and close-knit community feel.

Despite its modest size relative to the county, Brea's population density is a substantial 3,889.3 people per square mile, providing a slightly less crowded experience than Orange County's 4,019.7 people per square mile.

Families and individuals thriving in Brea enjoy a prosperous lifestyle, with a median household income of $120,226. The city is notably youthful, with 22.1% of its residents under 18 years old.


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Brea has given rise to personalities such as YouTube influencer Eva Marisol Gutowski and professional football player Tommy Gallarda who highlight the diverse opportunities and supportive environment in the city of Brea.

The robust population growth, welcoming community, and notable Brea CA demographics paint a picture of a thriving community where quality of life is paramount, making it an attractive destination for those considering moving to Brea CA.

Additional Brea CA Demographics:

  • Sex ratio: 52.4% women & 47.6% men
  • Median age: 39.7
  • Racial & ethnic composition: 51.5% White alone (37.9% White, non-Hispanic), 0.9% Black/African American, 0.4% American Indian/Alaska Native, 26.3% Asian, 31.1% Hispanic/Latino
  • Brea CA median household income: $120,226
  • Education: 93.1% of the population of Brea CA 25+ years old have a high school diploma, while 48.1% have a bachelor's degree or higher
  • Foreign-born population: 23.9%

When eyeing the prospect of moving to Brea, a common and important question arises: "Is Brea CA safe?" The statistics provide an affirmative nod to this question. With a total Brea CA crime rate that is only 10.9% higher than the California average, Brea stands as a beacon of safety, particularly when it comes to violent crime—where it boasts a rate 67.4% lower than the state average and 62.9% lower than the national average, according to the FBI.

The Brea Police Department plays an instrumental role in maintaining the city's safety, with a dedicated team of 23 officers, 5 sergeants and 3 lieutenants, ensuring that the Brea crime rate remains much lower than the national average.

Cost of Living in Brea, California

Brea offers a distinctive blend of suburban peace and metropolitan accessibility, where the cost of living in Brea California reflects its sought-after location. With the Los Angeles metro's cost of living index standing at 149.3, or 51.7% higher than the U.S. average, living Brea CA is similar to this broader yet unique economic landscape of Southern California.

The Brea CA real estate market is notably robust, where Brea CA homes for sale feature a median sale price of $985,000, marking a 2.1% increase over the year, or an impressive $533 per square foot. The average home price in Brea CA compares favorably with the median sale price in Los Angeles at $975,000 and Anaheim at $913,000. For those scouting for homes for sale in Brea CA, the city presents a range of properties that epitomize both modern luxury and value.

Rental options also shed light on the Brea CA cost of living, with the average rent in Brea CA sitting at $2,462. Notable apartment complexes such as Raintree Apartments Brea CA, The Pointe Apartments Brea CA, and Birchwood Village Apartments Brea CA, offer residents a blend of comfort, convenience, and community. This is in contrast to the average rent in Los Angeles at $2,719 and Anaheim at $2,354.

Financially, the Economic Policy Institute outlines that a family of four would need an annual income of $147,022 to live comfortably in Brea. This balance between income and living expenses highlights the economic viability of making Brea your home, whether through purchasing Brea real estate or exploring apartments for rent in Brea CA.

Typical Brea California Living Expenses:

  1. Loaf of bread (1 lb): $3.64
  2. A gallon of milk: $4.54
  3. Meal at inexpensive restaurant: $20.00
  4. Monthly Reedley Utilities (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft apartment: $191.68
  5. Mobile phone plan: $45.33
  6. Gasoline (1 gallon): $4.97
  7. Movie Ticket: $17.00
  8. Preschool (or Kindergarten), Full Day, Private, Monthly for 1 Child: $1,713.33
  9. Internet: $72.85
  10. One pair of jeans (Levis 501 or similar): $63.05

Data on the Brea CA Cost of living sourced from

Brea CA Neighborhoods | Where to Live In Brea CA

Exploring Brea, CA neighborhoods will present a variety of high-quality living experiences that cater to all ages and interests. From family-friendly enclaves to upscale havens, the diverse neighborhoods in Brea CA make for ideal places to call your forever home.

Brea Eagle Hills

Eagle Hills Brea, a charming neighborhood in Brea, is renowned for its dazzling Christmas light display, which transforms the neighborhood into a festive wonderland that draws visitors from all over. Beyond the holiday cheer, Eagle Hills Brea offers proximity to shopping delights, with the Brea Mall just moments away, making it an alluring location for year-round convenience and seasonal magic.

Country Hills Brea CA

Country Hills in Brea CA offers a picturesque suburban retreat with its mix of single-family homes and townhouses, set against the scenic backdrop of rolling hills. The neighborhood (not to be confused with Country Hills apartments Brea CA) boasts top-rated schools and is dotted with tranquil walking trails and parks, providing residents with a serene escape that's still close to convenient shopping and dining options.

Artisan Walk Brea CA

Artisan Walk is a contemporary neighborhood in Brea CA, celebrated for its modern homes that blend style with sustainability with their energy-efficient builds. Residents enjoy the convenience of being near the Brea Sports Park and prime shopping locales, along with easy access to the 57 freeway for seamless travel.

Brea CA Weather & Climate

The weather in Brea California is an embodiment of mild Mediterranean bliss, especially welcoming from May through October, with temperatures hovering between 70-85°. The warmest month, August, sees an average high of 88.1°, reflecting Brea's comfortably warm summers, while January lows dip to a reasonable 46 degrees. The rarity of snow in Brea CA means winter jackets often stay in the closet.

Rainfall is light in this region, averaging 15 inches a year, ensuring that the weather in Brea CA is seldom a barrier to the outdoors. Summer in Brea may bring the heat, but humidity rarely overstays its welcome. Whether checking the temperature in Brea CA for a beach day or bundling up for a brisk evening, Brea's climate is quintessentially Californian—generous with sunshine and sparing with rain.

Things to Do in Brea CA

Exploring Brea, CA, unveils an abundance of activities and attractions, catering to a wide range of interests and making it a destination of endless discovery. From the sprawling corridors of the Brea Mall to the Brea Plaza Shopping Center, there's retail bliss for every taste.

Whether you're in search of fun things to do in Brea CA, or want to dive into the local lifestyle, Brea seamlessly blends urban excitement with outdoor recreation, promising memorable experiences for visitors and locals alike.

Brea Improv Comedy Club

Brea Improv stands as a cornerstone of entertainment in Brea, offering a rich schedule of laughs and memorable nights out. Known for hosting a mix of renowned comedians and up-and-coming talent, the Brea Improv Comedy Club promises an evening brimming with humor and fun, as per the Brea Improv schedule.

180 S Brea Blvd, Brea, CA 92821 (714-482-0700)

Regal Edwards Brea East

The Regal Edwards Brea East lights up Brea's entertainment scene, offering movie enthusiasts a premier cinematic experience in the heart of the city. As a standout Brea movie theater, it combines the latest in film technology with comfortable seating, making any movie night an event to remember at this beloved Brea theater.

155 W Birch St, Brea, CA 92821 (844-462-7342)

Olinda Oil Museum and Trail

The Olinda Oil Museum and Trail offers a unique blend of education and outdoor exploration, highlighting Brea's rich history in oil production. Visitors can delve into the past through engaging exhibits at the museum before wandering the scenic trail, making it a perfect outing for history buffs and nature lovers alike.

4025 E Santa Fe Rd, Brea, CA 92823 (714-990-7735)


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Additional Brea Attractions

If you're seeking even more outdoor fun, explore the variety of Brea CA parks managed by the Brea Parks and Recreation Department, including Brea Sports Park, Brea City Hall Park, and the Carbon Canyon Regional Park Playground. Other attractions include:

Restaurants Brea CA

Dining in Brea, CA, is a delightful journey through an array of culinary delights, showcasing some of the best restaurants in Brea CA. Whether you're craving innovative gourmet experiences or comforting classic dishes, the restaurants in Brea CA cater to every palate with exceptional flavor and ambiance.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar Brea CA

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar Brea California, invites guests to a relaxed dining experience inspired by the Rocky Mountains. With a menu that satisfies every craving, from innovative twists on classic favorites to seasonal specialties, Lazy Dog Restaurant Brea California is a destination for foodies and families alike.

240 S State College Blvd, Brea, CA 92821 (714-529-9300)

Old Brea Chop House

Nestled in the heart of downtown Brea California, Old Brea Chop House offers a sophisticated dining experience that combines timeless steakhouse traditions with modern culinary excellence. As one of the premier restaurants in downtown Brea CA, it's the go-to spot for those seeking perfectly cooked steaks, an extensive wine list, and an ambiance that exudes elegance.

180 S Brea Blvd, Brea, CA 92821 (714-592-3122)

Cedar Creek Restaurant Brea California

Cedar Creek Restaurant in Brea California stands out as one of the best restaurants in the area, offering an inviting atmosphere coupled with a menu that highlights fresh, seasonal ingredients. Known for its exquisite dining experience and attentive service, Cedar Creek provides a perfect backdrop for any occasion, from casual gatherings to special celebrations.

20 Pointe Dr, Brea, CA 92821 (714-255-5600)

Jobs in Brea CA

Brea, California, stands as a vibrant hub for employment, buoyed by a diverse economy and the presence of significant employers and industries. Leading the roster of top employers providing excellent Brea CA jobs are Bank of America, Mercury Insurance Group, and Albertsons, each contributing to dynamic careers that span various sectors.

The largest industries in Brea include Health Care & Social Assistance, Educational Services, and Manufacturing. This variety underscores the range of opportunities available to job seekers, from bank of america jobs brea ca in finance to roles in the bustling healthcare sector.

For those exploring employment options, jobs in Brea CA are plentiful, with platforms like Indeed Jobs Brea CA offering a gateway to numerous local opportunities. The City of Brea jobs page is also a valuable resource for those interested in contributing to the community's growth and wellbeing.

Schools in Brea CA

Brea, California, boasts an exceptional educational landscape, and schools in Brea CA are led by the Brea Olinda Unified School District. From the foundation stages at elementary schools in Brea CA, including Mariposa Elementary School, Country Hills Elementary School, and Laurel Elementary School, to the more advanced learning at high schools in Brea CA, like the acclaimed Brea Olinda High School, the educational institutions in Brea are excellent.

The city is also known for its high-quality private schools in Brea CA, such as Heritage Oak Private School and Christ Lutheran Elementary School, offering alternative educational pathways, while nearby colleges include Fullerton College and UCLA Irvine.

Brea Statistics & Information

  • Brea CA county: Orange County
  • Brea California area: 12.21 square miles
  • Brea zip code: 92821–92823
  • Brea area code: 657, 714, 562
  • Brea California elevation: 361 ft.
  • City of Brea CA time zone: Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8)
  • Closest airport to Brea CA: The Long Beach (LGB) Airport is the closest airport to Brea CA, 15.7 miles away.

Map of Brea California

Moving to Brea CA? Explore your soon-to-be home with this interactive city of Brea map!

The suburban charm and vibrant community life make a living in Brea, CA, an all-too-ideal choice! Daly Movers, the best Orange County Movers, is here to ensure your move to Brea is seamless, offering expert services tailored to your needs.

Ready to move to Brea? Contact us today at 714-538-2831 for a free quote and enjoy a simplified, stress-free transition!

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Chip Martin
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