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Certain items require special care and attention to detail during the moving process. Whether you're moving designer furniture into a showroom or need assistance transferring items to or from a warehouse, our crew is at your service. We offer Orange County white glove service to handle any furniture or other possessions that require a higher level of care.

Our skilled Orange County white glove movers have the tools and experience required to handle logistics and delivery of high-end items and other delicate possessions. We serve all of Orange County and will show your specialty items the proper attention they deserve.

White Glove & Designer Delivery Services in Orange County

Orange County designer delivery can include a wide range of different services related to the transportation of important items. Some clients simply need furniture delivered with an extra level of caution, while others require assistance with the logistics and warehousing. Here are some of the options included in our Orange County designer delivery service. 

  • Pick-up: We can pick up furniture from the showroom or warehouse and put it in storage or drop it off at any other location. 
  • Receiving: You can have the manufacturer ship furniture and other delicate items directly to our location, and we can even store and consolidate items until everything is ready to be installed at the final destination. 
  • Inspection: Our Orange County white glove movers will inspect all items for damage before final installation. 
  • Warehousing & storage: We also offer Orange County white glove delivery and storage, which means you can keep items safe at our location until everything is ready for transportation to the final destination. 
  • Inventory management: We will not only store your items until final delivery but also keep accurate records and provide detailed reports of what we've received and what is ready for delivery. 
  • Delivery: Once everything has been received and subject to inventory and inspection, a team of experienced movers and installers will carefully transport your items to the final destination, using state-of-the-art tools and commercial moving trucks.
  • Installation: Our high-quality Orange County furniture delivery includes the installation of furniture and other high-end items in your home, showroom or other location. This includes preparing the area and taking proper precautions to ensure everything is placed where it needs to go safely. 
  • Assembly: Assembly is one of our Orange County white glove delivery services, and we'll be happy to put together any items at the new location using the proper tools and techniques. 
  • Junk removal: We can also take care of any leftover debris or unwanted items after the transportation. 
  • Repairs & returns: If we receive any items from the manufacturer that are damaged or otherwise not up to your standards, we can also facilitate any repairs or returns

We also offer specialized Orange County white glove furniture delivery services tailored to meet your unique needs. So, if you have a special request, feel free to contact us to discuss it further. 

Industries Served with Orange County White Glove Delivery Services

We are a full-service Orange County white glove delivery company and work with a wide range of different clients and business owners. Whether you need one-time assistance or an ongoing partnership to handle all your white glove delivery needs, you can count on us for quality service. Here are a few common clients we often work with:

  • Interior designers: We work with the top interior designers in Orange County to ensure their client's homes or showrooms look meticulous, and no item or piece of furniture is out of place. 
  • Furniture manufacturers: Reputable furniture manufacturers use our Orange County designer furniture delivery service to transport their inventory to their showrooms or the end buyer. 
  • Retailers & showrooms: Retailers and showrooms also utilize Orange County white glove transportation to ensure their displays look flawless every time. 
  • Architects: We work with some of the top architects in the Orange County area to bring their client's homes to life. 
  • Importers: We often work with importers as well to handle the logistics of their business and ensure expensive and delicate items arrive safely and on schedule. 
  • Construction Companies: Construction companies often have an ongoing need for Orange County white glove delivery and storage to keep their buildings well stocked and have a place to keep items during renovations. 
  • Real estate staging: Our Orange County white glove delivery service is great for real estate staging to make properties appear more move-in ready without the hassle of buying all new furniture. 
  • Airbnb & VRBO owners: AirBnB and VRBO owners often require white glove service as well to keep properties furnished and traveler-ready.

These are just a few of the clients and industries we commonly work with, but we are happy to assist anyone in need of Orange County designer delivery. So, if you have a project you'd like to discuss, reach out today. 

Why Choose Daly Movers for Your Orange County White Glove Delivery Needs

Orange County white glove delivery requires a higher level of service and training than your average relocation project. Therefore, it's critical to do some research to ensure you choose the right team for the job. Here are a few qualities to look for in an Orange County white glove delivery company:

  • Proper equipment and tools: A qualified business will have well-maintained commercial moving trucks that come equipped with tools, moving blankets, straps, dollies, and other equipment needed for assembly and transportation.
  • Crews with specialized training: The crew must be properly trained and experienced enough to handle the relocation with a high level of care. 
  • State-of-the-art warehouse: If you require logistics and warehousing, you should be sure they have the proper facility to accommodate your needs 
  • A professional website with statistics: Check their website for any key stats, such as how many years they've been in business, how much experience they have with Orange County white glove delivery, etc. 
  • Proper licensing and insurance: You'll want to be sure they have the required licenses and insurance to cover any unforeseen damage to your items. 
  • Excellent customer service: Their customer service team should be friendly and attentive to your needs. 

Daly Movers is a well-established moving company in the Orange County area that has served the community for over 50 years. We've helped over 65,000 customers and maintain a claims rate of 0.005%. We have an expert team of Orange County white glove movers with the proper training and equipment to handle delicate and expensive items.

So, when you need the top Orange County white moving company, look no further than Daly Movers. Call 714-538-2831 for a free, personalized moving estimate.

Our Clients Feedback

  • Daly Movers provided exceptional service for what was quite a stressful and intimidating event: moving out of our home for 23 years to a different state.
    - Maureen Smith
  • I’ve used Daly movers three times now. Two long distance and one from Southern California to NorCal. Renay has helped me every time with the entire process.
    - Joey Chan
  • This is a Business that deserves Your Business = because the try hard, they care and do everything correctly- we couldn't find anyone who could have done a better job!
    - Jeffrey Light
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