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Serving Southern California & Beyond

Orange County Full Service Storage

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Orange County storage services are an amenity many people don’t consider when creating a relocation plan. While there will be many items you’re ready to donate, sell, or throw out, there will inevitably be a handful you’d like to keep but won’t have the room for at your future address. Daly Movers offers top-rated Orange County storage options!

We know going through family heirlooms and sentimental items takes a lot of time and energy—extra time and energy you don’t have amid a hectic move. Let our state-of-the-art facility keep your belongings safe until you’re able to properly sort through them. We serve all of Orange County (O.C.) and the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim metropolitan area with dependable Orange County moving and storage services!

Orange County Full Service Storage Options

Daly Movers has several ways to store your goods; all items are stored in a 24/7 monitored indoor warehouse. If you need Orange County storage, your possessions will be safe with us.

How we store your items depends on a few factors, like the type of items being stored, their size, how long you need storage for, etc. 

Orange County storage services Daly Movers provides:
  • Vaulted storage: This is the most common type of storage. Wood vaults are used to keep your items safe and secure; household goods are typically stored using this method.
  • Racking: You’ve likely seen this storage method used at stores like Costco or Sam’s Club. Racking is best for items that are too large to fit in vaults but still need their own space, like larger boxes and FF&E goods.
  • Oversized storage: If you have a very large item, such as a piano, it will be placed in oversized storage. Oversized storage is essentially for any items too big for a vault or rack. 
  • Palletized storage: This is ideal for larger furniture items like a couch, large chair, or dining table. If you choose palletized storage, your possession(s) will be placed on a secure pallet. Pallets are a safe, easy way to house your beloved belongings. 
There are so many Orange County storage services to choose from; we’re confident you’ll find one that meets your needs!

Orange County Top Moving & Storage Company

Finding an Orange County storage and moving company you trust can be hard. You want to work with a team that has ample experience and the best facility around. While word of mouth and recommendations from family and friends are good ways to find a trustworthy company, the Internet can also be very useful. 

When browsing the web for a company experienced enough to handle your most prized possessions, these traits help ensure a company is dependable and established: 
  • Has years of experience in the moving industry
  • Has a low claims rate
  • Positive Yelp and Google reviews
  • Can offer the services you need to meet your needs  
  • Their team will provide excellent customer service 
Daly Movers has provided Orange County and its entire metro with top moving and storage services for over 50 years. We have great customer reviews and a 0.005% claim. With more than 65,000 customers serviced and 25 million miles traveled, we have the reputation and experience you want from your Orange County movers and storage. 

What you pay for Orange County storage services will depend on these factors: 
  • How many items do you need storage for? 
  • The number of vaults needed. 
  • How long you’re storing your items for; long term storage typically costs more than short term storage.
Regardless of your unique needs, if you choose Daly Movers as your Orange County moving and storage company, you’ll receive an affordable rate. Our facility is monitored 24/7, is military-approved, and can host your items for the long or short term. We have 40,000 square feet of secure warehouse space ready to provide a safe place for your belongings.

Top Reasons People Store at Orange County’s Best Full Service Storage Company

People seek Orange County storage services for many reasons, but here are a few of the most common!

Storing your items at a secure storage unit may prove helpful if you’re downsizing, staging a house, or your new home isn’t ready yet. When items are stored in a secure, organized fashion, it's one less task you need to worry about. Perhaps you don’t have hours to sift through boxes and organize old possessions. In that case, a trusted Orange County moving and storage company can help.

Another reason someone may utilize warehouse storage is to store items of deceased loved ones. Orange County storage services can even be useful during a home renovation; you can store large appliances and furniture to free up space. It’s also not uncommon for individuals to rent a storage unit for a month while they declutter their home, office, or garage. People also rent storage units when they have items they aren’t ready to part with but no longer have the room for. Orange County storage services are customizable, so you can keep your belongings there for as long as you need!

Our Orange County storage services provide premium storage units that can host all items; whether you have personal belongings like clothing, electronics, or boxes, large furniture, or oversized items to store, we’ve got you covered. We can even store expensive, delicate items like art and wine collections safely and securely. 

We don’t just house residential items—we like to help our fellow business owners, too! We will store office furniture, files, computers, FF&E, or other work-related possessions at an affordable rate!

People don’t just utilize Orange County storage services amid a big move or hectic home renovation; storage services can be helpful in many instances! Regardless of why you need storage for your belongings, we have the service you’ll need.

We offer the choice between short or long term storage. Short term storage is three months or less and is an ideal solution for renovations and house staging. Long term storage is for people that need storage for an indefinite amount of time and is ideal for anyone downsizing or storing shared items. We will even pack your items if you choose that service.  If you prefer to pack yourself, be sure:

  • Your items are cleaned thoroughly
  • Large items have been disassembled
  • Clear containers are used so you can easily locate items
Daly Movers is flexible, will work with you, and will always work with you to meet your needs! We service all of Orange County and the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim metropolitan area with dependable Orange County storage services!
Interested in hiring Orange County storage services? You’ll want the best team in town to handle your possessions—Daly Movers! Contact us at 714-538-2831 to receive an affordable estimate on your storage needs!

Our Clients Feedback

  • Daly Movers provided exceptional service for what was quite a stressful and intimidating event: moving out of our home for 23 years to a different state.
    - Maureen Smith
  • I’ve used Daly movers three times now. Two long distance and one from Southern California to NorCal. Renay has helped me every time with the entire process.
    - Joey Chan
  • This is a Business that deserves Your Business = because the try hard, they care and do everything correctly- we couldn't find anyone who could have done a better job!
    - Jeffrey Light
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