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Planning an Orange County commercial move in California can be a challenging experience. It's much different than a residential relocation and often requires detailed planning, specialty tools, and an experienced crew to handle the job. Trust our experienced team of Orange County commercial movers to help you transition from one space to the next with confidence. We serve all of Orange County and will happily help with any commercial moving project.

What is an Orange County Commercial Move?

A commercial move refers to when a business transitions from one space to another, as opposed to a residential relocation involving the transfer of an individual's possessions. Transferring business equipment and assets brings an added complexity that almost always requires the help of trained professionals. So it's usually advised to hire a professional Orange County commercial moving company to help make the transition easy and efficient.

There are a few key differences between commercial and residential relocations. Although the core concept is the same, certain nuances make commercial projects more complex. Businesses often have heavy machinery, equipment, furniture, and computer systems that require care and diligence.

As a result, they often require a trained crew of Orange County commercial movers in California who can operate the necessary equipment, such as forklifts, hand trucks, and commercial moving trucks. Plus, commercial moves often need to occur after hours to avoid disruption to staff or customers. As a result, it's usually best to hire a professional Orange County commercial moving company to ensure all these complex tasks receive the proper attention.

Certified Packing Services

Commercial moves can vary greatly in scope and complexity, and it's a broad category that includes any number of businesses, from retail stores to industrial facilities. A qualified Orange County commercial movers team will understand each project's nuances and requirements and provide all the necessary equipment and systems to complete the project on schedule.

Types of Orange County Commercial Moves Offered:

  • Schools and universities
  • Hotel and motel renovations
  • Retail stores and logistics
  • Medical facility and lab moves
  • Hospital and clinic moves and renovations
  • Government offices
  • Industrial moving
  • Warehouse moving 
  • Specialty moves
  • Furniture installation 
  • Commercial storage

Every Orange County commercial relocation has its own unique requirements and challenges. However, certain services will accompany every commercial move, including:

  • Creation of an Orange County commercial moving project plan and coordination of the entire process
  • Procurement of boxes and other necessary packing materials 
  • Custom crating and packing services whenever needed
  • Loading, transport, and unloading all necessary items

Cost of an Orange County Commercial Move

The exact cost of an Orange County commercial move will vary depending on several factors related to the job's difficulty. The cost to relocate a small retail space down the street will cost far less than the mass relocation of a major corporation. So the best way to get an accurate assessment of the price is to take stock of a few key details related to the relocation and request a quote. 

Factors that impact the price of an Orange County commercial relocation include:

  • The distance between the starting point and the final destination
  • The time and date of the move-in/move-out (weekends, holidays, and after-hours may cost extra)
  • The weight or volume of the business equipment and assets needing transportation
  • The need for additional services
  • Whether you require storage at either end of the job

The best way to get an affordable estimate is to contact any company you're considering hiring and request a quote. A reliable Orange County commercial moving company will take down your information and provide a free in-business or virtual estimate.

Choosing the Best Orange County Commercial Movers

Beyond considering the costs, hiring the right company is crucial. Before choosing a particular team of Orange County commercial movers, review their credentials and verify they are the right crew for the job. An experienced crew will make your life much easier, but a group of amateurs will only create more headaches. Here are a few details to consider when reviewing candidates:

  • Read their Google and Yelp reviews to find out what past clients have said
  • Visit their homepage and look for key statistics like their claims rate and how many years they've been in business
  • Double-check that they are properly licensed and insured
  • Do they have the proper equipment to handle commercial relocations without damaging delicate and sensitive equipment?
  • How is their customer service?
  • Do they check all the boxes on your Orange County commercial moving checklist?
  • Are your needs fully met?

At Daly Movers, we are an experienced team of Orange County commercial movers in California with more than 40 years of experience performing commercial relocations. We can tackle a wide range of commercial moving projects, including offices, schools, warehouses, FF&E, hotel renovations, and more. A few specialty moves we perform include museum moves, redevelopment projects, and mass relocations for large corporations that need a team capable of transferring a large volume of furniture and equipment. We're dedicated to making your transition smooth and stress-free and work round the clock, including nights and weekends, to ensure we get the job done on your schedule. We serve all of Orange County, so call us today if you need help.

Daly Movers is a reliable and experienced packing and moving company that services Orange County and the greater Los Angeles area. If you are looking for the best packers and movers in Orange County, contact Daly Movers today at 800-395-6683 or fill out the form to request a free quote. We are ready to assist you with all your moving needs, including packing and unpacking.

Our Clients Feedback

  • Daly Movers provided exceptional service for what was quite a stressful and intimidating event: moving out of our home for 23 years to a different state.
    - Maureen Smith
  • I’ve used Daly movers three times now. Two long distance and one from Southern California to NorCal. Renay has helped me every time with the entire process.
    - Joey Chan
  • This is a Business that deserves Your Business = because the try hard, they care and do everything correctly- we couldn't find anyone who could have done a better job!
    - Jeffrey Light
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