In compliance with CDC guidelines for COVID-19 and Omicron variant.

COVID-19 Office Rightsizing

workers around a table with white roll of paper unrolledAs California reopens following the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are rethinking the office or planning to move.

We know that many workers looked down on open offices in the past, and now due to social distancing requirements, those workers will be relieved to finally reclaim some space of their own.

Businesses are asked to move employee desks apart, install partitions and implement other controls to keep workers and the public safe. In some cases, a complete redesign will be needed.

The professional office movers at Daly Movers can help. We have moved hundreds of companies throughout Southern California over the past 30 years. We know what the business community needs, including safety procedures.

If you’re looking for professional movers to pack and move your office, gym, school, plant or factory, give us a call today.

Commercial Movers

empty conference room, white table with windowsWhile most people worked from home during quarantine, the country is slowly – but carefully – emerging from our homes, so that we can all continue to serve each other.

Students will return to schools and universities. Plants will reopen. Daly Movers can help you design a plan for your commercial space that allows for both collaboration and safety.

Some businesses are seeking new leases, to allow for a bigger footprint.

On the other hand, as more and more employees work from home, some companies are finding that large offices are no longer needed, which has the added benefit of cost cutting. If you’re looking at rightsizing to a smaller footprint, Daly Movers can help conduct the move for you.

Warehouse Storage For Office Equipment

Daly movers warehouseWe know that not all businesses won’t return – at least not right away. The pandemic has forced some small companies to close, temporarily or permanently. For cost-cutting as well as social distancing, satellite offices are being replaced with home offices. University satellite campuses are shutting down in favor of online learning.

If you’ve made the decision to vacate a commercial space, our moving crew will step in; pack up your belongings; carefully crate any large items, such as artwork or flat-screen TVs; and take special care with electronics, copiers and other machines.

For long-term storage or temporary storage, we have warehouse facilities in Orange County that are climate-controlled, secure and safe. Store your office desks, conference room table and chairs, large file cabinets and bulky furniture. When life turns around again – and we know it will – those items will be here, waiting for you, in the same condition as when you left them.

As an essential service, we have been working throughout the public health emergency, helping homeowners and business owners from Santa Barbara to San Diego, and we have kept up to date on COVID-19 news. Our workers have been trained in proper safety protocol. We wear personal protective equipment and sanitize our trucks and equipment.

COVID-19 California Standards

empty conference room beige with soft lightingDaly Movers is poised to help you devise a moving plan that meets standards set by the State of California and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The California Department of Public Health has provided guidelines for employers. They include:

  • Physical distancing to the maximum extent possible.
  • Use of face coverings by employees.
  • Frequent handwashing and regular cleaning and disinfection.
  • Monitoring workers and all building visitors for COVID-19 symptoms.


Offices are reopening with modifications. Each worksite is expected to have a COVID-19 prevention plan. Recommendations include:

  • Adjusting or modifying hours to limit the number of employees on site at the same time.
  • Avoid sharing phones, work supplies, and other office equipment. Never share PPE.
  • Consider installing high-efficiency air cleaners and increasing the quality of ventilation.
  • Use of physical partitions.
  • Decrease the capacity for conference rooms to allow for six feet between employees.
  • Mark the floor with colored tape or signs, as a visual cue for employees to keep their distance.
  • Cancel all large, in-person meetings and conferences. Hold them instead by video conference or conference phone call.
  • Tell employees who are sick to stay home from work.


Get A Free Quote For Your Office Move

skyscrapersDaly Movers can accomplish a redesign for your office, shop or commercial setting. We can also help you devise a moving cost and timeline for any reorganizing or restructuring.

We work during your off-hours, to ensure little to no downtime for your business.

Let us provide moving equipment, packing materials and great peace of mind. Daly Movers also offers complete packing and unpacking services. We can coordinate with your human resources team, subcontractors and builders as well as the IT department to make sure the move process is seamless.

As your company navigates the future, contact the professional office movers at Daly Movers for expert moves and friendly customer service. Call Daly Movers today at (714) 538-2831, or fill out the form for a free estimate on your office move.

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