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California to Phoenix Movers

Orange County to Phoenix Movers

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Daly Movers Inc. is your best choice when moving from Phoenix. When you use our services, we assure you that your move will go smoothly and efficiently. Here are the services we offer: 

  • Packing and Unpacking Services
  • Local, Long-Distance, and International moves
  • Warehouse Storage with 24/7 Surveillance, Climate and Pest Controlled
  • Auto Transport
  • Specialty Moving, Such as Piano or Senior Moving

We know how important it is to trust the moving company you are working with. Here are some of the reasons that you can trust us for your next move:

  • Fully Licensed PUC # MTR 0182890
  • A+ Rating by the Better Business Bureau
  • Members of the California Moving & Storage Association and American Truck Association: Moving & Storage Conference
  • Operate with high standards of quality assurance
  • Background check all our employees and movers
  • Over 40 years of moving experience 

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Moving from state to state is hard enough due to how far you need to take yourself and all your belongings. Let us make it easier for you by doing all the heavy lifting. You get to decide which of our services you would like, from the packing and unpacking to the warehouse storage and Auto Transport. From there, you let us handle it. The best part is you can decide how much or how little you would like us to help you.

Our Moving Services

Moving from state to state is a lot to take on. So let us do the bulk of the work using our moving services. Quality moving services require a company with the knowledge and capabilities to help you move far. Your average moving company may not have all the tools for state-to-state moves, but with Daly movers, you don’t have to worry about that. Daly Movers offers various services to help you with your move, including:

  • We know how tough it can be to pack and unpack all your belongings on top of the other responsibilities that come with moving. We offer packing and unpacking services to help relieve some of the moving stress. Our team is qualified, and we know how to properly pack your items for a safe and efficient move.
  • Here at Daly Movers, we cover it all whether you’re moving down the street, to another state, or across Seas. We are here for all your Local, Long-Distance, and International moves.
  • Sometimes delays happen when you move, and you are stuck between houses. You may need a place to store all of your belongings in the meantime. We offer Warehouse Storage with 24/7 Surveillance, Climate and Pest Controlled. You can relax knowing your items are safe with us. 
  • We offer Auto Transport services to help you avoid the stress of moving your vehicles yourself.
  • In addition to the services we offer, we also do specialty moves to make our services even more convenient for you. Whether it’s Pianos, Electronics, or Antiques, we can move it.

Our moving history dates back to 1979, so we have the knowledge and experience to give you the best possible moving services. Here at Daly Movers, we take pride in our ability to provide our clients with exceptional services. Our goal is to make your move stress free, so you can relax and look forward to your new home.


Comparing Los Angeles to Phoenix

Moving from Orange County to Phoenix can be a significant change for some people. Before you move to a new place, it is essential to understand the similarities and differences between the location of your new home and your old home. For comparison purposes, we will be using the city of Los Angeles to compare the Phoenix. The following are some of the differences between Los Angeles and Phoenix:

  • Housing: The housing in Phoenix is 65.3% less expensive than in Los Angeles. This is a significant difference, and it may change how you have previously budgeted for your new home. Given this information, consider if you wish to search for your new home in other areas than you had planned.
  • Population: Phoenix has a population of over 1.4 million residents, while Los Angeles has 3.98 million people. Remember there are other factors to consider when you think about population. Phoenix is physically larger than Los Angeles, so Phoenix may feel more spacious depending on where you live.
  • Climate: When it comes to climate, Los Angeles and Phoenix are luckily quite similar. Phoenix has fewer rainy days and slightly more sunny days, but you won’t have to get a new wardrobe when you make this move.

As you can see, Phoenix and Los Angeles have similarities and differences to consider when you move from state to state. This comparison will give you a better idea of how you can plan for your move.

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Here at Daly Movers, you can be confident that we can handle your move no matter what it involves. With over 40 years of experience, we can handle anything that comes our way. So you can relax during your move knowing you’re in good hands.

For any questions, concerns, or your free estimate, contact us at (800) 395-6683 or fill out this easy online form. We look forward to serving you and your moving needs.

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