Orange County Movers – Quality Assurance

Daly is SERIOUS ABOUT SERVICE.  We have developed a comprehensive quality assurance commitment to ensure that every move results in the best possible service outcome.

  1. We treat all moves the same Household, Corporate, Military
    As a customer, you will get the same high quality service as our corporate accounts
  2. And we act in the spirit of the Golden Rule – treating each customer as we would want to be treated
  3. To accomplish this, we establish and maintain a high level of communication on each move
    • After the estimate is given by our salesperson, the customer file is assigned to a customer service representation (CSR)
    • The day after the estimate, the CSR calls the prospective customer to make sure the estimate went well, that it is understood, answer any questions, and adjust the estimate as needed
    • Once the job is booked, the CSR sends out a confirmation letter of dates and services to be rendered
    • The CSR  then calls the customer to confirm the pack/move on the day or days before the move
    • On pack/move day, the CSR speaks to the driver when he arrives at residence to confirm he is on time and that there are no surprises
    • On every pack/move day, the CSR calls the customer around noon to make sure everything is being accomplished to their satisfaction
    • We spot check quality with surprise onsite visits.
    • All drivers/packers are issued phones so if problems arise we can divert other crews to assist any problematic relocations
  4. After each move we send out a survey form
  5. Plus, we send out a Thank you card and add the customer to our holiday card list.

Our CSRs provide each customer with a single point of contact throughout the relocation.  This prevents customer aggravation from having to explain their needs over and over to everybody that answers the phone.

Proactively calling each customer real time — before and during the move — is extremely helpful in preventing, catching, and minimizing any problems that may occur, and helping to prevent anthills from turning into mountains.