Green Movers

Daly is committed to our customer, the SoCal community, and the environment.  We believe that being green is more than a slogan. We think green to help lower carbon emissions, reduce waste and help lower the cost of moving.

Orange County Green Movers

Green Household Moving
Daly helps reduce energy use and material consumption during your move by:

  • Recycling all cardboard and other packing materials
  • Offering used boxes and reusable moving supplies whenever possible
  • Loading shipments in a way that improves fuel consumption
  • Continually converting our moving fleet to more fuel-efficient trucks
  • Sponsoring e-waste collections to recycle home and office electronics

E-waste Recycling

E-Waste Recycling logo

Daly sponsors an e-waste recycling program to help local SoCal area residents, companies and their employees dispose of electronics in an environmentally friendly manner. We will host a e-waste pickup fair at your location, where the company and your employees can purge any unwanted, outdated or nonfunctioning business or home electronics.  Daly will host this fair FREE of cost to your company. Free e-waste drop-off and pick services available.


Arpin Green
Daly is proud to be affiliated with Arpin Van Lines, which may very well be the most environmentally conscious national van line.  Arpin is involved with numerous local and national sustainability projects, has won awards for waste reduction and energy usage and is a charter member of the New England Green Building Council.

Daly: The Orange County Green Movers to call when you want to leave a smaller footprint.