Community Outreach

Daly Movers Inc. is a local moving company based in Orange County, California. Since our formation over 40 years ago, we have been actively involved in the Southern California community.

Our local movers don’t just care about your business — they care about you. In 2014, our president, Chip Martin, even made headlines when he helped a couple move for just $1 after being victims of a moving company scam.

Now, that’s what we call excellent customer service.

Southern California Partners

Daly Movers believes in giving back to the community. Since the beginning, we have been stepping up and reaching out to help others around Southern California. We’ve partnered with Orange County nonprofits and organizations including:


In addition to our relationships with community organizations, we also work with Move for Hunger and offer all of our clients the opportunity to help limit food waste and help other families in their neighborhoods.

Don’t feel like lugging around cans from your pantry to your new home? Donate them to someone who needs them. Move for Hunger helps provided unwanted pantry items to people in need, and Daly movers will assist you all the way.

Free Moving Quote

Community service is just part of the “Daly difference.” We want to help the community and make it a better place to live. Daly Movers is a team of caring moving professionals ready to assist you with your moving and storage needs. Give us a call at (800) 395-6683 or fill out this form for a free moving quote today.

  • Moving company steps in, helps couple recover items-Story on K5 News, Seatlle
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  • Daly Movers recently helped install the Mummies of the World Exhibit at Bowers Museum. Read more about it here.
    Daly Movers unload mummies at Bowers Museum

    Workers unload mummies at Bowers Museum in Santa Ana.
    Photo by JEFF GRITCHEN

    Security over-seeing Daly Movers unloading precious mummies

    Retired Anaheim police officer Jim Saenz works security as he keeps an eye on mummies as they are unloaded at Bowers Museum in Santa Ana.
    Photo by JEFF GRITCHEN