Arpin Agent

Text says "Arpin Agent of the Month: November 2020" Daly Movers Inc.Daly Movers Inc. is your local Orange County Arpin agent. Arpin Van Lines is one of the Top 10 national moving brands and has been consistently recognized for delivering the best safety record, unmatched service and green moving innovation.

For more than 100 years, Arpin has remained a family-owned service provider with global reach and local commitment. Arpin empowers Daly with a nationwide moving and storage network as well as professional service capabilities.


As a member of the Arpin Van Line family, Daly Movers Inc. has the support to deliver moving and storage services throughout the country and around the world. The Arpin connection enables us to leverage industry best practices and provide state-of-the-art systems for managing move logistics, customer service and claims, effectively handle all aspects of interstate and international moves and provide nationwide corporate relocation, military and GSA services.

This means that not only can Daly Movers serve your moving needs in Orange County, but together, Arpin and Daly are able to seamlessly facilitate moves to any state in the country or virtually anywhere in the world.

Daly is also affiliated with Arpin International Group, a leading, service-oriented international household-goods moving and storage company with offices located throughout the world.

Arpin GroupArpin International Group ranked #1 in International Supplier Satisfaction 2017, and Arpin Van Lines ranked #1 Top Block Service in Overall Household Goods Supplier Satisfaction 2017.

Daly proudly serves on the Arpin Agent Advisory Board and the Arpin Agent Marketing Advisory Board.

For all your long-distance and international moving needs, you can trust Daly Movers Inc, an award-winning interstate agent for Arpin Van Lines, to provide all of your solutions.